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About Haevers Corners

Haevers Corners is a small unincorporated community located in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. The area is known for its rich agricultural history, dating back to the 1800s and its modern-day way of life that merges traditional values with modern amenities.

It all began with the Haevers family who immigrated to rural Wisconsin from Germany in the mid-19th century. The Haevers family was among the first settlers in the area, and they quickly established small farms to support themselves. The community around their farms soon grew, and it wasn’t long before other families began to move to the area.

Over the years, Haevers Corners developed into a thriving agricultural community. The neighboring farmland was dedicated to dairy farming, and the community had its own cheese factory which was established in 1882. The cheese factory played an essential role in the community’s economy, providing jobs and a way of life for many local residents.

As time went on, Haevers Corners continued to grow, and its residents gradually adopted a more modern way of life. Today Haevers Corners is a charming residential community setting that blends its rich history with modern-day amenities. Many residents have chosen to live in this tranquil spot to enjoy beautiful views of the countryside and a peaceful and slower pace of life.

Modern life in Haevers Corners offer residents a wide variety of activities that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the area. One example of this is the annual Haevers Fest. Held every year on the second Saturday in June, it is a celebration of everything that makes Haevers Corners special. The festival includes food stands serving local cuisine, live music, games for children, a car show, and much more.

While agriculture remains an important part of Haevers Corner’s character, today new businesses are also finding their place within this vibrant community. They include services like a veterinarian, carpenters, hair salons, and restaurants.

Overall, Haevers Corners is a unique and charming place to visit or call home. It has a rich history, a warm and friendly community, and modern amenities that cater to its residents’ needs. From the farmland with its cattle grazing peacefully in the fields to the quiet neighborhood streets, one can feel the peaceful surroundings are a treasured part of Haevers Corners.

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