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Appleton, Wisconsin is a beautiful city in the northern part of the state, situated on the Fox River. It is the heart of the Fox Cities Metropolitan Area and home to around 75,000 people. Appleton’s history dates back to the early 1800s when it was originally inhabited by Native Americans. In 1847, Lawrence University was founded in Appleton and attracted many students to the area.

The city developed rapidly during the mid-1800s with the availability of waterpower on the Fox River. At that time, Appleton was a major producer of paper, thanks to the vision of H. W. Lawrence, who established a paper mill on the river. Soon after, other mills were established in the area. The paper industry thrived in this region and eventually became known as “The Paper Valley,” due to all its many paper mills.

The booming paper industry brought many people to Appleton during the 1800s, and the city quickly grew and prospered. By 1859, Appleton was known as a thriving community with several bustling businesses. Many well-known companies such as Kimberly-Clark and Appleton Papers were established in this city and their products have been used worldwide.

During World War II, Appleton became an important manufacturer of war-related materials. Even today you can see remnants of this past as there are many antique shops around the town showcasing vintage war memorabilia.

In modern times, Appleton has grown into a vibrant community that boasts charming neighborhoods, a vibrant downtown area, and many recreational opportunities. The city is home to several parks that offer residents opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing, and more.

One of the most popular attractions in Appleton is the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. This state-of-the-art facility sits on College Avenue and offers Broadway shows, concerts and other great events throughout the year.

Downtown Appleton is a thriving commercial center that offers everything from local boutiques to popular national chains. The city is also home to several museums such as the History Museum at the Castle, where visitors can learn more about the rich history of the Paper Valley.

Living in Appleton is comfortable and convenient. People enjoy a great quality of life due to its strong economy, top-rated schools, and excellent healthcare system. Housing in Appleton is affordable and residents have easy access to everything they need to live comfortably. The city offers numerous employment opportunities, making it a perfect place for families and individuals alike.

In conclusion, Appleton offers an exciting blend of infrastructure and nature, which make it a great place to work, live and visit. It has a dynamic past and continues to thrive as a highly-regarded community that values its history yet welcomes innovation – making it a popular destination for those looking for a great quality of life.

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