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Arlington, Virginia is a wonderful place to live and work. It’s a bustling urban area, surrounded by a wealth of natural beauty. But have you ever stopped to think about the history of this great town? From its early beginnings as a plantation to the vibrant community it is today, there’s a lot to learn about the evolution of Arlington.

The History of Arlington

When the area that is now Arlington was first settled, it was still under British rule. In 1735, John Parke Custis purchased over 1,100 acres of land, which he named Arlington Plantation after his family estate in Eastern Virginia. When Custis died in the late 18th century, his wife Martha Dandridge Custis married none other than George Washington. The two ensured that their legacy would be passed down through their family line.

It was during the Civil War that Arlington would see its most significant upheaval. In order to secure strategic positions, Union soldiers began building forts throughout Virginia, including near Arlington Plantation. By 1863, they had taken over the area and had begun using it as a burial ground for fallen soldiers.

At the end of the war, the government seized the property as punishment for Robert E. Lee’s role in leading Confederate forces. A legal settlement eventually returned part of the property back to Lee’s son, but the federal government maintained ownership of the land in and around the burial grounds.

Modern Life in Arlington

Today’s Arlington is one of Virginia’s most populous and prosperous counties. It’s home to over 200,000 people and includes prominent neighborhoods like Ballston, Clarendon, and Crystal City. The area has a lively mix of commercial development and residential streets.

One thing that sets Arlington apart from some other urban areas is its attention to conservation efforts: there are countless parks and natural spaces in and around the county. You can walk along the Potomac River, hike in Great Falls park, or head to the numerous local arboretums and nature preserves.

Arlington also places a premium on education and innovation. The county is home to many top-rated public schools, and it’s a hub for research and development in fields like technology and engineering. A number of federal agencies have headquarters here as well, driving both public and private sector innovation.

All in all, Arlington has come a long way since its early days as a plantation. Today, it’s a great place to live for its unique blend of history, nature, education, and innovation.

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