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About North Richland Hills

Located in Tarrant County, Texas, North Richland Hills is a bustling suburban community with a population of more than 70,000 people. The city combines the tranquility of suburban living with the economic opportunities and amenities of a large city. It boasts a rich history and offers its residents an excellent quality of life. In this article, we will explore the history of North Richland Hills Texas and modern life living in this charming suburb.


The land on which North Richland Hills sits today was once home to Native American tribes, including the Tonkawa and Comanche tribes. The area remained sparsely populated until the arrival of European settlers in the mid-1800s. During this period, the region was primarily used for farming and cattle grazing.

In 1952, the Greater North Texas Development Association formed a committee to develop and market a new suburban community in the area. The committee acquired land from several local property owners, and construction began on the new development, which would later become North Richland Hills. The first homes were sold in 1954, and a year later, North Richland Hills was formally incorporated as a city.

Modern Life Living in North Richland Hills

Today, North Richland Hills is a vibrant and diverse community that offers its residents plenty of recreational opportunities, desirable schools, low crime rates and affordable housing. Below are some reasons why North Richland Hills is an ideal place to call home:

1. Excellent Schools: North Richland hills is served by two major school districts: Birdville Independent School District (BISD) and Keller Independent School District (KISD). These districts are well respected when it comes to academics, sports programs and extracurricular activities.

2. Recreational Opportunities: North Richland Hills offers plenty of recreational opportunities for its residents to enjoy. For example, NRH2O Family Water Park is one of the most popular attractions in the city, with its wave pool, water slides, and lazy river. Apart from the water park, the city has six outstanding parks such as Green Valley Park and Iron Horse Golf Course where you can enjoy time with family and friends.

3. A Range of Affordable Housing: North Richland Hills has a diverse range of affordable housing options. The city has a mix of single-family homes, townhomes, and apartments to suit any budget. There are also many new developments that are perfect for those looking to purchase a new home.

4. Strong Economy: The local economy in North Richland Hills is diverse and thriving. There are plenty of employment opportunities in various sectors including healthcare, hospitality, retail, and education.

5. Low Crime Rates: Safety is a top priority in North Richland Hills. The city has one of the lowest crime rates in Texas, which means residents can enjoy peace of mind when walking around or enjoying recreational activities.

Overall, North Richland Hills is a great place to live for families, professionals, retirees and anyone who values a high quality of life in a friendly community. It offers excellent schools, recreational opportunities, affordable housing options and a strong local economy. With its rich history and modern amenities, it’s no wonder why North Richland Hills continues to be one of the most desirable places to live in Tarrant County.

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