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Frisco, Texas has humble beginnings as a small town located along the Shawnee Trail in the late 1800s. The Shawnee Trail was a popular route that cowboys used to drive cattle from Texas to the railroads in Missouri, and Frisco grew as a result. It was originally called Emerson, named after Francis Emerson, who settled in the area. In 1902, the town’s first mayor renamed it after the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway, which had helped establish the town as a significant rail hub.

Frisco’s economy has always been based around agriculture and transportation until recent years. In the early days of Frisco, dairy farms and cotton fields lined its roads, and railroads were vital to the town’s growth and development. However, since the late 1990s, Frisco has transformed into a thriving city with leading retail opportunities, excellent schools, and a growing corporate landscape.

Frisco’s growth began in the late ’90s when IBM chose Frisco for its Regional Service Center. By the early 2000s, professional sports teams like FC Dallas and Major League Soccer (MLS) joined forces with city leaders to build premier facilities for soccer and high school football. The most famous addition by far is The Star Entertainment Complex owned by Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys released and home to the Cowboys world headquarters since 2016.

Frisco is rich with amenities and outdoor activities sure to keep anyone entertained year-round. In Frisco there are many events throughout the year such as the annual Arts In The Square (AIT), a free two-day fine arts festival where artists from all around come together to sell their work each year in March. There are also numerous parks and trails to explore; if you enjoy biking, then be sure to take advantage of Frisco’s many bike trails. For those who love water sports, Wake Boarding Camp by BSRC offers camps and lessons providing an excellent opportunity to improve wakeboarding skills regardless of age.

Frisco’s economy has come a long way since its humble farming and railroad days. Today, Frisco is the fifth fastest-growing city in the country, with numerous businesses and corporations establishing regional or national headquarters within its borders. This growth continued despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

As Frisco continuously grows, the city remains committed to planning for responsible growth while maintaining its small-town feel. Frisco has established neighborhoods, fantastic schools, extensive amenities, and vast opportunities are just a few reasons why hundreds of thousands of residents call it home. As we look to the next chapter in Frisco’s history – one thing is clear: Frisco will continue to be an attractive destination for residents, business owners, and visitors from all walks of life.

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