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Allen, Texas is a city situated in the County of Collin, in North Texas. Today it has an estimated population of about 105,623 residents, but it was not always this way. The history of Allen began with the arrival of European settlers in the 1840s. The city was named after Ebenezer Allen – a lawyer who had served as a Republican legislator in the Republic of Texas.

During its early days, Allen’s economy was primarily based on agriculture. In the early 20th Century, however, railways brought new opportunities to the city. In particular, the Houston and Texas Central Railroad Company established a line that crossed through Allen and open up new markets for farmers. As a result, many new industries emerged in Allen including a cotton gin and a sawmill.

In the mid-20th century, Allen was still largely an agricultural town. However, the post-World War II economic boom saw the construction of various highways that opened up access to new economic opportunities for the town. The population began to grow rapidly, and residential areas started to emerge. These highway expansions, particularly US Highway 75, would later become one of Allen’s main economic drivers.

Today, Allen is now a dynamic city, and its economy is diversified beyond agriculture. It has transformed into one of Texas’ largest retail centers featuring several shopping complexes such as Watters Creek at Montgomery Farm and The Village at Fairview. It is also home to several corporations like Frontier Communications, which employ thousands of residents.

Despite this transformation, many farms remain in and around Allen’s city limits providing residents with easy access to fresh locally sourced produce and free time physical activities such as hiking trails and outdoor activities making it the ideal blend of urban and rural life.

In recent years, Allen has seen continued growth in businesses relocating here such as Xome and financial corporate headquarters including Credit Union of Texas along with highly-rated educational institutions such as Allen High School.

In conclusion, Allen, Texas, is an excellent example of how a small North Texas community can transform its economy and become a well-established city. While still maintaining the rural small-town feel, it provides all the essential components of modern living such as shopping districts, and being in close proximity to Dallas, Frisco, Plano make it an ideal place to live and work.

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