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About Tigard

Tigard is a city located in Washington County, Oregon that has become known for its growing economy and suburban living. However, few people know about the rich history that this city possesses. The following article will explore the history of Tigard, including its early settlers, the stories behind its name, and how it became the modern city that it is today.

The History of Tigard

Tigard’s history dates back to 1852 when Wilson M. Tigard migrated with his family from Kentucky to what is now known as Washington County. His family settled on a farm that was located near what is presently the intersection of Southwest Pacific Highway and Highway 99W. Wilson Tigard’s son, Charles F. Tigard later became a prominent citizen of Washington County and held a number of public offices including serving as Postmaster from 1884 to 1895.

The community was officially named Tigardville in honor of Charles F. Tigard in 1886. The previous year, rail service started between Portland and this area which helped develop the town. In 1907, the name was simplified to Tigard.

The location of Tigard provided easy access to several important shipping hubs (including Portland) and brought in more settlers to the community. This region also became home to multiple sawmills in the early years which helped further solidify the economy of Tigard.


Due to the ease of transportation and an explosion of businesses, the region continued to expand over time, with more homes being built in urban areas surrounding Tigard. With over 6,000 residents, Washington County approved the incorporation of Tigard which went into effect on September 11th, 1961. This move allowed local leaders to enforce policies tailored to their own community.

Modern Life in Tigard

Currently, Tigard is among Portland metropolitan area’s most desirable suburbs because of its excellent schools and moderate cost of living. Many people choose Tigard because of its proximity to major highways, employment opportunities, and the ease of transportation in and out of Portland.

Residents enjoy a variety of local parks, such as Fanno Creek Park, Dirksen Nature Park, and Cook Park, which offer a range of activities for families. The John Tigard House Museum, located on Main Street in Tigard, is a must-visit for history buffs who want to explore the town’s rich history.

The community has experienced exponential growth over the years and continues to attract new residents due to affordable housing options, superior school districts, local amenities, and quality of life. Despite this growth, it remains a friendly and welcoming community with a small-town feel.

In conclusion, Tigard is a city with a rich history that has evolved into a modern-day town that maintains its small-city charm while providing residents with all the conveniences and services they need. It is an excellent place to live for families who crave safety, affordability, good schools, and access to recreational facilities within easy reach while exploring their town’s fascinating past.

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