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About Hillsboro

Hillsboro, a city located in the state of Oregon, has a rich history dating back to the early 1800s. The city was named after David Hill, a pioneer who settled in the area with his family in 1841. Since then, Hillsboro has been a growing community that prides itself on innovation, technology and community involvement.

In the early years, Hillsboro was a farming community and served as an artery for agriculture. Crops like wheat, hops, and strawberries were the main sources of farming income for Hillsboro. In fact, the city was once known as the strawberry capital of the world, with strawberry festivals lasting for days in its heyday.

One significant milestone in Hillsboro’s history was the arrival of the railroad in 1871. It brought commerce and wealth to Hillsboro which allowed the building of its first courthouse in 1873. Today, Hillsboro serves as the county seat of Washington County.

The early- to mid-twentieth century saw unparalleled growth in Hillsboro with the advent of industry and manufacturing. Large corporations such as Intel(now one of the largest employers in Hillsboro), Tektronix, and RadiSys helped establish and build thriving communities in Hillsboro.

Modern life in Hillsboro continues to thrive economically and culturally. With over 100 parks and well-maintained trails that run throughout the city – including nature reserves, wetlands, and sports fields– outdoor lovers will find themselves at home in this natural haven where many activities can be enjoyed year-round.

Aside from nature parks and opportunities for outdoor activities, residents have access to numerous modern conveniences including shopping centers like The Streets at Tanasbourne and retail stores such as REI. Dining options are abundant with local restaurants offering international cuisine so there is always something for everyone’s taste buds.

There are also several festivals held annually including the acclaimed Oregon International Air Show which brings visitors from all over the world to Hillsboro to marvel at current military aircraft as well as vintage classics.

In conclusion, Hillsboro’s history has been filled with farming, industry as well as large corporates and technology giants. The city also boasts several modern facilities, festivals, and parks that support social and cultural activities for locals and visitors alike, while the region’s fast pace of growth means that expansion and innovation are fixtures in the future of our community.

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