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About Bend

Bend, Oregon is a burgeoning city located in the Deschutes County of central Oregon. Although the area has a modern charm, it has a rich history that goes back for many centuries. From its pre-settlement days when indigenous people roamed the land to today’s bustling cityscape, Bend has undergone an exciting evolution.


For centuries before the arrival of Euro-American exploiters, traders, and explorers in Oregon territory, the Paiute and Sahaptin tribes of the Plateau inhabited the region. Hunters and gatherers by nature, these tribes lived off natural resources such as fish, game, and wild berries. They also traded with other tribes in the area for food and essentials.

In 1824, French-Canadian fur trappers arrived in the area and began trading for furs with the local tribes. The first Euro-Americans to permanently settle in the region were mainly farmers and cattle ranchers who began to cultivate grains such as wheat and corn along the Deschutes River.

Bend’s transformation into a blossoming community began with its designation as a railway town in 1910. Built specifically for logging transportation purposes, railroads brought about increased commercial activity to the area that would later become Bend. The milling and logging industries contributed significantly to Bend’s growth and prosperity.

Modern Living

Today, Bend’s economy is driven by outdoor tourism and recreation with opportunities for adventure around every corner. From skiing in Mount Bachelor during winter to hiking and biking trails that surround the city year-round, Bend offers something for everyone.

In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, Bend is home to a diverse mix of coffee shops, breweries, restaurants, galleries, and shops. One of the most significant attractions in the city is Old Mill District, a former lumber mill that has now been transformed into a mixed-use development complete with recreational facilities like parks and trails as well as shopping centers.

Bend has become a popular destination for retirees and young professionals alike because of the quality of life and amenities. A thriving job market, affordable housing, and a favorable blend of outdoor adventure and metropolitan living make it an attractive place to call home.


Bend, Oregon’s rich history has helped to shape the city it is today. By weaving together its unique past with modern amenities and opportunities, Bend has become a thriving community that draws people from all over. From outdoor adventurers to those searching for a peaceful retreat, Bend is a city that offers something for everyone.

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