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About Lawton

Lawton, Oklahoma has a rich history that dates back to the early 1900s. Founded in 1901 during the land rush, it was named after General Henry Ware Lawton, a US army officer who saw action in the Spanish-American War, Philippine-American War, and the Indian Wars. Today, Lawton is the county seat of Comanche County and hosts a thriving community that’s filled with opportunities for residents to grow and thrive.

Early Life in Lawton

The city’s early days were tumultuous, with settlers fighting over land and resources. It was home to military posts and Indian territories that occasionally experienced battles. Despite these challenges, Lawton continued to grow and develop into a prosperous community.

In 1907, Oklahoma became a state and Lawton was chosen as a temporary state capital. This lasted for only a few days before it was moved to Oklahoma City. However, this brief moment served as a major boost for Lawton’s profile, which encouraged even more settlers to come and live in the town.

Modern Life Living in Lawton

Today, Lawton is home to around 100,000 people. It boasts excellent schools, hospitals, parks and recreational facilities that make it an ideal place for families to settle down. There are also plenty of job opportunities available here thanks to the city’s growing economy.

One of the major highlights of living in Lawton is the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Located just outside the city limits, the refuge provides ample opportunities for residents to enjoy nature trails, biking trails and hiking while taking in beautiful scenery filled with unique flora and fauna.

For those interested in art and culture, there are several museums and galleries throughout Lawton that showcase the city’s rich history and cultural heritage. The Museum of Great Plains represents the stories of pioneers who settled here long ago, while the Leslie Powell Foundation Gallery reports contemporary art exhibitions of national importance.


Looking back on Lawton’s rich history and the many opportunities that exist in its modern-day community makes it clear that this is a place that continues to thrive. There are countless reasons why someone would choose to call Lawton, Oklahoma their home. From its diverse community, excellent schools, amenities, museums to the beautiful plains and windswept landscapes around it, Lawton has something for everyone. As it continues to grow and evolve, one can only anticipate exciting things yet to come for this historic and vibrant city.

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