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Wallace, New York, is a small village located in the western part of the state. The community was founded in 1815 by James Wallace and his family. They settled in the area and established a sawmill, which became the foundation for the future development of the town.

Over the years, Wallace grew slowly but steadily. It remained an agricultural community for most of its history, with farming and raising livestock being the main economic activities. However, in the late 19th century, the discovery of natural gas in the nearby town of Bolivar brought about a boom in industrial growth for Wallace.

The gas enabled industries to flourish, including the famous Wallace Gasoline Engine Factory. By 1900, the population of Wallace had grown to around 1,000 people. Railroads were introduced in the early 1900s, facilitating commerce between Wallace and other parts of New York.

During the Great Depression, life in Wallace was difficult for many people. The economic downturn hit farmers hard, but they found ways to bounce back through cooperation and innovation. Farm co-ops were established to help local farmers market their produce and receive fair prices for their products.

In more recent times, Wallace has shifted away from agriculture and industry toward tourism and recreation. Visitors travel here from all over New York state to enjoy horseback riding, camping, hiking, hunting and fishing. The village’s parks, such as Island Park and Belfast Reservoir Park provide an ideal location for outdoor activities.

The Village’s residents today enjoy a high quality of life with a low crime rate and access to excellent schools. The cost of living is low compared to larger metropolitan areas in the region.

Wallace remains a tight-knit community that values tradition and its history. Its annual events such as Founders Day, which honors James Wallace and celebrates the founding of the town remind residents of their past as well as encouraging visitors to learn more about its rich history and heritage.

In conclusion, the history of Wallace, New York, is a story of hard work, innovation, and resilience. The town has survived devastating economic downturns and has adapted to the changing times to become the beautiful village that it is today. Its residents enjoy modern-day conveniences while remaining true to their roots, making Wallace a great place to call home.

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