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Union, New York is a small, rural township located in Broome County. It has a rich history that dates back centuries ago. Its early settlers arrived in the 1700s and were primarily English and Dutch immigrants. These settlers established farms in the area and contributed significantly to the development of the township.

During the American Revolution, Union was a significant battle site. Local militia fought alongside George Washington’s troops against British soldiers who were attempting to control the area.

In the 1800s, Union’s economy boomed due to the construction of the Chenango Canal. The canal provided transportation for goods such as lumber, coal, and agricultural produce. By the late 1800s, the canal became obsolete with the rise of the railroad industry.

Union continued to develop through the 20th century, with notable landmarks such as Binghamton University and IBM establishing themselves in the area. The township remained primarily agricultural but also diversified with industrial and technological advancements.

Modern life in Union offers diverse opportunities for residents. It is known for its excellent educational system, including numerous schools, colleges, and universities. There are also a variety of recreational activities available to residents, including parks, nature reserves, and sports facilities.

Union boasts numerous dining options ranging from fast food to fine dining. It is also home to several shopping centers and big-box stores such as Walmart and Target.

The cost of living in Union is relatively affordable, making it an attractive choice for young families and retirees. The job market is strong with employment opportunities across various industries such as education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Overall, Union, New York is a town rooted in history with vibrant modern-day possibilities. Its unique blend of agriculture, education, industry, and access to nature makes it an excellent place to call home.

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