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About Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is a city located in Westchester County, New York, and is one of the most culturally diverse areas in the country. This beautiful city with a population of over 68,000 people lies on the outskirts of New York City, only a 30-minute train ride away from Grand Central Terminal.

The area now known as Mount Vernon was initially settled by Native Americans over ten thousand years ago. The name Mount Vernon came into existence in 1664 when John Barrett purchased a plot of land here and named it after his English home, Mount Vernon. Over the years, Mount Vernon evolved into an important hub for industrial development, with many businesses and factories setting up shop in the town.

In the early 20th century, Mount Vernon became a cultural mecca. Jazz greats like Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Cab Calloway performed at the famous Cotton Club on Fleetwood Avenue. Mount Vernon was also home to some of the most successful African-American-owned businesses such as T.J. Hinds’s Funeral Home, The Stevens Hotel, and restaurants like Reidy’s & Dutch Kitchen.

Today, Mount Vernon is still home to a thriving population and economy. Many businesses have transformed since its original industries; some new companies include tech firms and wellness centers. Youth organizations are also abundant, with The Boys & Girls Club of Mt. Vernon and Jack & Jill cultural organization being just two examples.

The city is home to several parks including Hartley Park and Hutchinson Field providing ample outdoor activity opportunities for families as well as athletes who use the parks numerous athletic courts and fields.

Another significant attraction unique to Mount Vernon is “The Elephant Hotel” located on Gramatan Avenue; built-in 1864 it was originally constructed to house P.T. Barnum’s world-famous elephant Jumbo.

Mount Vernon has also seen significant improvements in terms of education with six public schools serving students from kindergarten through to grade twelve. With test scores steadily increasing over the years, Mount Vernon High School – the city’s only high school, has received national recognition for its academic achievement programs.

Mount Vernon continues to be a bedrock of New York culture and commerce for locals and tourists alike. It is a thriving community full of history, innovation, and ceaseless energy that attracts new residents, families and businesses every year.

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