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About Fort Hamilton

Fort Hamilton, New York is a historic military installation situated on the southern coast of Brooklyn, overlooking the picturesque Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Its construction began in 1825 and it was named after Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers. Fort Hamilton has played a crucial role in American history, serving as a military base during several wars, including the Civil War and World War II.

Fort Hamilton served as a critical fortification during the American Civil War, providing a strategic location for Union troops to defend against Confederate attacks. During the war, the fort underwent several upgrades and expansions, with the most significant ones carried out in 1864.

In the years that followed, Fort Hamilton continued to offer significant support to the United States military, playing an essential role in both World War I and II. During World War II, Fort Hamilton was one of the busiest military ports on the East Coast and also served as headquarters for the New York Port of Embarkation.

Today, Fort Hamilton remains an active military base but also offers a unique residential neighborhood that sits within its boundaries. The fort’s property is home to over 18,000 people who live amidst beautiful parks and gardens, historic houses, and many amenities.

Living within Fort Hamilton allows residents to enjoy access to excellent public schools, parks, and recreational facilities. The community is close-knit and stands firmly by its military roots. Each year residents celebrate Memorial Day with a parade which draws many visitors to witness this tradition.

Residents can also enjoy some of the best cuisines Brooklyn has to offer with many restaurants located nearby that serve diverse food genres, making it easy for everyone to find a restaurant that suits them.

With its rich history and modern amenities offered today, Fort Hamilton is a remarkable place to call home. Its unique blend of historical significance and modern-day amenities makes it an exciting community that people will always cherish.

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