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About Forest Hills Gardens

Forest Hills Gardens is a neighborhood in the heart of Queens, New York. It is an exclusive and affluent community that has been home to many famous individuals throughout its rich history.

The neighborhood was designed and developed in the early 1900s by Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. and Grosvenor Atterbury. They envisioned a community that would provide residents with a peaceful haven from the bustling city life. The developers modeled Forest Hills Gardens after the Garden City movement, which aimed to create self-contained residential areas that were completely separate from surrounding urban areas.

Incorporated in 1909, Forest Hills Gardens was initially designed as a planned community for upper-middle-class families looking for a more peaceful lifestyle. Enclosed by garden walls, it boasts unique architecture, tree-lined streets, and historical landmarks.

During its earliest years, it attracted a wide range of artists, writers, and musicians. Many of them took advantage of the quiet and serene surroundings that Forest Hills Gardens has to offer. The poet Robert Frost and author Margaret Mead once lived here.

Today, Forest Hills Gardens is still an exclusive community that caters primarily to wealthy families. Many famous individuals have also chosen to make this neighborhood their home. Among them are actress Susan Hayward, Broadway composer Richard Rodgers, and former Vice President Al Gore.

The community boasts modern amenities for its residents. There are numerous recreational facilities such as parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, and golf courses. The Austin Street shopping area offers a range of high-end businesses catering to wealthier residents.

All in all, Forest Hills Gardens is an extraordinary place steeped in history and modern-day appeal. It is a prime location for those seeking tranquility and exclusivity – all while still maintaining access to all the perks of city living.

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