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Irvington, New Jersey, is a small township located in Essex County. Founded in 1874, this once sleepy rural town has grown to become a bustling metropolis. The history of Irvington is full of fascinating stories that have contributed to its growth and modern-day living.

Irvington was originally known as Camptown, named after its founder’s son, and was mostly farmland until the late 19th century. The early settlers of the region were predominantly German farmers, who settled there in the 18th century. As the population grew, more people from different parts of Europe came to live in Irvington, making it a diverse community.

In the early 20th century, Irvington became a center for industry and manufacturing. Industries such as cigar-making, metal fabrication, and textiles flourished in Irvington. The railroad and various highways connecting Irvington to other parts of New Jersey and New York City facilitated transportation of goods and people.

After World War II, Irvington saw its biggest population boom as many African Americans migrated from the South to work in local factories or in New York City. This migration led to white flight from the suburb and the growth of the Black community in Irvington. With this increase in population came increased demand for public services such as schools and hospitals. The township expanded with new public buildings such as schools like the Clinton Elementary School which has won acclaim throughout NJ.

The establishment of new businesses helped create job opportunities for residents, and the community thrived as a result. Today, Irvington is one of the most vibrant communities in Essex County.

Modern life living in Irvington is no different from other busy urban centers around NJ. There is a wealth of restaurants serving diverse cuisines ranging from Chinese food to soul food to pizza. Further residents enjoy modern shopping malls such as Plaza (Red Bull Plaza) and New Horizon Mall which selling various trendy clothing stores such as Rainbow and Ashley Stewart.

For those who love cultural experiences, Irvington also offers a vibrant arts scene, primarily Agora Gallery, a space for exhibitions of young and established artists. The township has several parks for recreation along its waterways from orange park which is one of the favorite ones, neighborhood town pools and playgrounds.

Living in Irvington is convenient as it is readily accessible from main highways such as the Garden State Parkway, Route 22, and Interstate 78, making it easy to get in and around the town or even to New York City. Public transportation is also readily available with regular bus services linking the area directly to Newark and other neighboring counties.

In conclusion, Irvington’s rich history has greatly contributed to its growth over the years. Its vibrant community, business scene and diverse cultural experiences make it a great place to visit or live in. Its growth trajectory is highly encouraging with new housing developments such as Wolf by Tiger with big homes built just recently for residents settling in the region. Irvington is not only a historical but also a modern-day city with all the trimmings of urbane luxury.

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