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East Orange, New Jersey is a suburban city that has a rich history dating back to the 1600s. The region was once inhabited by the Lenni Lenape Native American tribe who would later be conquered by the Dutch and then the British. East Orange was officially founded in 1863 after it underwent severe economic and social changes due to the construction of the Erie Railroad and urbanization, which led to an influx of settlers.

Initially, East Orange was a small town known for its manufacturing industry, including brickmaking and sewing machines. Over time, the manufacturing industry slowed down, giving rise to other businesses such as supermarkets, retail stores and restaurants. Education played a significant role in the development of East Orange. In 1887, the first public school opened in East Orange followed by several private schools and colleges.

During World War II, many African Americans migrated to East Orange from Southern U.S. states to work in defense industries. This led to an increase in population and influenced African American culture in the city. To date, East Orange still maintains its African American cultural heritage.

Modern Life In East Orange

Today, East Orange is home to over 60,000 residents and is surrounded by cities like Newark, Montclair and Bloomfield. As one of the most diverse communities in New Jersey, East Orange offers its residents a wide array of opportunities for entertainment, learning and growth.

For instance, there are several parks and nature reserves that offer outdoor lovers an excellent way to escape into nature. Branch Brook Park is the seventh-largest park in Essex County with hundreds of species of flowering trees covering an area that’s over 360 acres.

The city also boasts numerous shopping centers with a variety of businesses offering retail shopping options. Additionally, East Orange offers several museums that showcase its rich history and culture with a primary focus on African American heritage.

Living in East Orange offers an amazing opportunity both personally and professionally for anyone who is looking for a community that’s welcoming, diverse and outdoorsy. The cost of living in East Orange is reasonable compared to other New Jersey cities, and the real estate market offers numerous housing options at reasonable prices. Healthcare amenities are also readily available and include several hospitals and clinics.

In conclusion, the history of East Orange, New Jersey dates back centuries and has been shaped by waves of migrants who have all left their mark in this community. Today, East Orange represents a welcoming, diverse community with excellent opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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