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About Blue Springs

Blue Springs, Missouri is a city located in Jackson County, which is situated in the western part of the state. The city has a rich history dating back to the 1800s and has since become a sought-after place to live, work, and raise a family. In this article, we will explore the history of Blue Springs, Missouri, as well as modern day life living in this vibrant city.

History of Blue Springs

The origins of Blue Springs can be traced back to the 1800s when settlers began moving westward across the United States. In 1827, John W. Waters established a farm in what is now known as Blue Springs, and the area began to grow as other pioneers settled in the region.

The town was named after the natural springs that dot the landscape of the surrounding area which gave off a blueish hue. The springs were said to have healing properties and provided much-needed water supply for early settlers.

In 1878, A railroad station was built in Blue Springs, which helped the area thrive and grow economically. In 1901, the city was officially incorporated with approximately 300 residents.

Throughout its history, Blue Springs has been a hub for agriculture and industry. During World War II, many people in Blue Springs worked at an ammunition plant that was located nearby. As time passed, industries moved on, including a large auto assembly plant that was closed in the early 2000s.

Today, Blue Springs is known for its great schools and family-friendly environment. The city’s population has grown to over 52,000 people making it the fifth-largest city in Jackson County.

Modern Life Living in Blue Springs

The modern life of Blue Springs is one of small-town charm and family values. The city has several outstanding schools within its boundaries that consistently rank among the top in both Missouri and nationally.

Residents enjoy easy access to outdoor recreational activities such as hiking trails at Fleming Park and Longview Lake, fishing in Blue Springs Lake, and multiple parks scattered throughout the city.

Blue Springs also has a vibrant business community with several notable employers such as Cerner Corporation, GEHA, and Wal-Mart. Along with good jobs, the city is home to numerous restaurants, breweries, and small businesses.

The city is committed to keeping its citizens safe and healthy. Blue Springs has four fire stations and its police department works hard to maintain low crime rates.

Public transportation within Blue Springs includes a bus system known as IndeBus. The system has several routes providing easy access throughout the city. Residents who need transportation outside of Blue Springs can use Kansas City’s Metro system.

In Conclusion

Blue Springs, Missouri, is a small-town gem steeped in history. Over the years, the city has grown to become a vibrant community with abundant opportunities for work, education, outdoor recreation, and small-business entrepreneurship. Whether you are considering moving to Blue Springs or simply visiting, this city is an excellent place to call home or visit.

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