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Vernon parish is located in the southwestern part of Louisiana and is home to a rich history and culture. The region was named after Mount Vernon, the Virginia plantation home of George Washington. Vernon parish was officially established in 1871, but history books trace earlier settlement in the area back to the late 1700s.

The first inhabitants of Vernon Parish were Native American tribes, including the Atakapa-Ishak people who thrived here from around 800 CE to the early 1700s. After several failed attempts by Spain and France to colonies in the area, Louisiana ultimately became part of the United States in 1803. The area saw an influx of settlers from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi in the early 19th century who farmed the land and established communities.

During the Civil War, Vernon Parish saw a lot of action as Union forces attempted to disrupt Confederate supply lines along the Texas-Louisiana border. Battles were fought at areas such as Bayou Marchand, Calcasieu River, and Sabine Crossroads. However, after the war ended and Reconstruction began, life slowly started returning to normal.

In World War II, Vernon Parish served an important role as an army training ground for soldiers who later fought in Europe and Asia. The use of land for military training also led to increased job opportunities and economic growth.

Today, Vernon Parish is a thriving community known for its agriculture and outdoor activities. Local residents can enjoy fishing on Lake Vernon, hunting in Kisatchie National Forest, and exploring nearby historical attractions such as Fort Polk Military Museum.

On a typical day in Vernon Parish, residents can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. The pleasant climate and natural beauty of the area lend themselves well to hiking, camping, kayaking, and fishing. Many locals also take advantage of the abundant wildlife around them by hunting game birds or deer during hunting season.

Vernon Parish is also home to several festivals and events throughout the year. The annual Louisiana Pecan Festival takes place in DeRidder and is a family-friendly event with live music, food, and carnival rides. In addition, the Vernon Parish Fair offers activities for all ages, including a rodeo, livestock show, and amusement park-style rides.

In conclusion, Vernon Parish has a rich and exciting history that has helped shape what it is today. With its mix of cultural traditions, outdoor activities and bustling communities, it’s no wonder that many consider Vernon Parish to be one of Louisiana’s most beloved areas. Whether you’re a visitor or a resident, there’s always something new to discover in this beautiful corner of the state.

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