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North Peoria, Illinois is a quiet suburb Northwest of the city of Peoria. It was first established in 1837 by settler Samuel Fulton, who operated a ferry crossing on the Illinois River. The area was mostly farmland until the end of World War II when it experienced a population boom and witnessed the transformation from an agrarian to a suburban community.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, North Peoria saw significant economic growth due to the mining industries present in nearby cities like Peoria and Bartonville. This allowed the area to develop strong commercial districts, with many small businesses and factories being established throughout the region. As the automotive industry grew in the nearby city of Peoria, North Peoria experienced a similar expansion. Today, it has its own industrial park sitting on 400 acres with multiple manufacturing and distribution centers.

The blossoming of the local industries created new opportunities for business and commerce, leading to an influx of jobs and wealth that fueled continued growth during the 1960s and beyond.

In modern times, North Peoria is largely defined by its comfortable residential neighborhoods. One can find a range of housing from sprawling modern mansions to charming historic bungalows. Residents enjoy access to great schools, parks, theaters, sporting events, shopping centers, fine dining and nightlife all within driving distance.

Shoppes at Grand Prairie offers some of the best shopping experiences that cater to every member of your family. Filled with retailers like Gap, Buckle, Banana Republic and more! Schnucks grocery store is one of the more popular chain stores that provides fresh produce for every budget.

North Peoria School District houses seven elementary schools which serve more than four thousand students including three charter options; Quest Academy, Thomas Jefferson Primary and Peoria Heights Community Unit School District #325. Central College Drive located in neighbouring East Peoria houses Illinois Central College which provides affordable higher education.

In addition, North Peoria offers five beautiful parks that will suit all your outdoor needs from enjoying a nice walk on Grant Zwierlain park’s paved walkways to the ultimate riverfront view along the Bob Michel Bridge.

As for nightlife, Peoria-Bloomington in the months between May and October become the regions center for beer tasting events and concert series. The Peoria Civic Center is also home to several significant festivals including annual celebration of Irish culture at Erin Feis and the River City Soul Fest.

Just over a century from its initial establishment as agricultural land, North Peoria has transformed into a picturesque suburban utopia that attracts families and individuals looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Combining history, dependable business opportunities and modern lifestyles, North Peoria offers everything that someone could want in a cozy community while remaining in proximity to all the major attractions of a big city.

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