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About Edgewater

Edgewater, Illinois is a stunning neighborhood located in the north part of Chicago that spans along the Lake Michigan shoreline. It has a rich history dating back to the early 1800s and has evolved into a thriving area with modern-day amenities while still maintaining its notable Victorian-era architecture.

History of Edgewater

Before the area became what we know as Edgewater, it was home to numerous Native American tribes. In the early 1800s, Europeans began moving into the region, including immigrant Swedish and German communities that found refuge in this neighborhood. The Swedish community dominated the area, resulting in its nickname “Swede Town.”

As years passed, the neighborhood became more developed with commercial avenues and homes designed in the Queen Anne and Tudor styles. In 1885, Edgewater was annexed into Chicago city limits, bringing many new improvements and changes to the area.

Modern-day Edgewater Living

Nowadays, Edgewater is an eclectic neighborhood full of diversity encompassing residents of all ages and cultures. The streets are filled with majestic three-story buildings with ornate designs from their Victorian architectures mixed with contemporary skyscrapers that are home to many high-income professionals.

The residents of Edgewater receive a great quality of life from its convenient access to abundant parkland right across the street from Lake Michigan, public transit options via CTA trains and buses, and easy access to nearby shopping centers such as Loyola Plaza, Aldi, Jewel Osco, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Target, and more.

The community has a robust art scene with plenty of galleries that exhibit various works by local and international artists. Additionally, Edgewater is home to vibrant nightlife establishments such as Molly’s cupcakes, Wine on Broadway, Jin Thai Cuisine, The Waterfront Cafe and more.

For sports fanatics or fitness conscious individuals alike, the Edgewater neighborhood offers many resources such as gyms like Lakeshore Sport & Fitness – Illinois’ largest all-inclusive sports and fitness facility, barre and yoga studios, basketball courts, bike trails, lakefront parks, harbor walk, and sandy lakeshore beaches.

Furthermore, the Edgewater community continues to revamp itself by participating in various initiatives to overhaul the neighborhood’s public spaces with murals, planting trees for green spaces as a sustainable approach for modern urban living spaces. This kind of community engagement fosters a close-knit sense of connectivity and social capital that is unique to Edgewater.

In conclusion, Edgewater has indeed come a long way since its humble beginnings as a small Swedish enclave in the early 1800s. Today it is among the most vibrant communities in Chicago city limits with endless possibilities of things to do and see. The area has something for everyone- making it an ideal place not just to work but call “home.”

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