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About West Hartford

West Hartford Connecticut is a charming, suburban town located in Hartford County. The town traces its roots back to the early colonial period, when it was first settled in the 1660s. Originally a parish of Hartford, it wasn’t until 1854 that West Hartford was officially incorporated as a separate town. Over time, West Hartford has grown in size and become a hub for cultural events, educational institutions, and economic opportunities.

Historical Roots

The early settlers of West Hartford were primarily English Puritans who believed in strict religious discipline and self-sufficiency. Farming was the main occupation, and the town’s land was valuable for growing crops like wheat and tobacco. In contrast to the bustle of nearby Hartford, West Hartford was pastoral and rural, with stunning landscapes and rolling hills.

As the town grew, it became a center for education and religion. In 1701, what would later become Yale University started as a small schoolhouse in the area now known as West Hartford’s Elmwood neighborhood. By 1752, there were six schoolhouses scattered throughout West Hartford, providing a solid foundation for the town’s tradition of excellent education.

In the 19th century, West Hartford became a hub of industry thanks to the opening of mills that processed cotton and wool. This industrial expansion brought new residents to the area and laid the foundation for today’s vibrant community.

Modern Life

Today, West Hartford is considered one of the best places to live in Connecticut. With nearly 62,000 people calling it home, it is one of the largest towns in the state. Top-rated schools and world-class institutions such as the University of Connecticut School Of Law help to give residents access to high-quality educational resources that rival any metropolitan area.

Much like its early days, farming remains an important part of West Hartford life today. The weekly farmers’ market held in Bishops Corner offers produce and artisanal products from local growers and craftspeople. The town even has its own winery, the Noah Webster House Vineyard, which cultivates grapes right there in West Hartford.

The town is also home to a thriving arts scene with the West Hartford Art League and the Playhouse on Park Theater providing cultural options for neighborhood residents. Additionally, Blue Back Square provides residents with a sophisticated shopping district that rivals anything found in New York City.

West Hartford has become an attractive option for those seeking the lifestyle benefits of a small town coupled with urban convenience. It’s no wonder that CNN Money named West Hartford one of the Best Places to Live twice in recent years!

In conclusion, West Hartford Connecticut is a town with deep roots in history, and an equally bright future. Whether you are looking for a suburban lifestyle, access to great schools, or world-class cultural amenities, West Hartford has something for everyone!

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