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About New Britain

New Britain, Connecticut is a small city located in Hartford County, approximately 10 miles southwest of Hartford. The city has a rich history that dates back to the 18th century and has undergone significant changes since then to result in the modern life that the residents enjoy today.


New Britain was initially inhabited by Native Americans, including the Mattabesett and Tunxis tribes. It was later settled by Europeans through the Farmington Canal and ultimately named New Britain in 1850 due to its new industrial growth.

Throughout its history, New Britain was primarily an industrial center, with industries such as hardware manufacturing being its mainstay. The Stanley Works, founded in 1843 by Frederick Stanley, was one of the most significant companies in the city’s history. Another significant industry was the manufacturing of bells and springs, which were used in various machines during the industrial revolution.

Modern Life

Today, New Britain has a diverse population of around 70,000 residents who enjoy a range of modern amenities. The city is home to two colleges, Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) and Charter Oak State College. CCSU is one of the largest public universities in Connecticut and offers over 100 undergraduate and graduate programs.

In terms of healthcare, New Britain residents have access to three major hospitals that are well equipped with modern medical facilities: Hospital for Special Care, New Britain General Hospital, and The Hospital of Central Connecticut.

The arts are also an important part of life for many New Britain residents. The city has several art galleries, museums, and theaters that host regular performances. For example, the New Britain Museum of American Art features over 10,000 works of art that showcase American culture.

New Britain is also home to a large number of parks and recreational areas. Families can enjoy outings at Walnut Hill Park, which has playgrounds, picnic areas, basketball courts, baseball fields, as well as an outdoor pool with a waterslide and wave pool. For hikers and nature lovers, the Shuttle Meadow Reservoir to the east of the city provides miles of trails for enjoying the outdoors.


In summary, New Britain, CT has a rich history that has shaped its modern-day community. The city’s industrial heritage has evolved into a diverse economy, with thriving healthcare, education, and arts sectors that provide residents with many employment opportunities. With a wide range of recreation opportunities available for people of all ages and backgrounds, New Britain is a great town to visit or relocate to.

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