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About Greeley

Located in northern Colorado, Greeley was established in 1870 as a hub for agriculture and the railroad. The town was named after Horace Greeley, a well-known editor of the New York Tribune who popularized the phrase “Go West, young man.”

In the early years of Greeley’s history, the town was primarily a farming community. The Union Colony, founded by Nathan C. Meeker, aimed to create a socialist utopia where land was owned by the community and citizens worked together for the greater good. Despite conflicts with Native American tribes in the area, the colony thrived and attracted new settlers.

As the population grew, so did the town’s industries. Greeley became a major center for sugar beet processing and dairy farming. In 1939, UNC (University of Northern Colorado) was founded in Greeley, adding to the town’s cultural and educational opportunities.

Today, Greeley has a population of around 105,000 and is home to a diverse community. Agriculture is still an important part of the local economy with many farms producing crops such as corn, wheat, and cattle. However, there have also been developments in manufacturing, healthcare, and tech industries in recent years.

Greeley’s downtown area has undergone revitalization efforts with new restaurants, shops, and brewery options opening up. The University of Northern Colorado has also expanded with new buildings and programs attracting students from all over the world.

Living in Greeley offers access to a variety of recreational opportunities including hiking and biking trails at nearby Rocky Mountain National Park and the Pawnee National Grassland. The city also boasts over 40 parks and a rodeo arena.

Greeley residents take pride in their community with events such as the annual Greeley Stampede celebrating western heritage through rodeos, parades, and concerts. Additionally, there are various cultural festivals throughout the year including Cinco de Mayo and Oktoberfest.

Overall, Greeley’s history and modern-day living offer a unique blend of agriculture, education, and diverse cultural experiences.

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