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Lakewood, California is a city located in Los Angeles County. The city was incorporated in 1954 and was developed after World War II, primarily for veterans returning from the war to start their lives and raise families. The design of the city was inspired by earlier pre-war planned communities with the intent of creating a perfect suburban area for families. The founder of Lakewood, Morris B. Chain, envisioned a community that would provide a high standard of living for residents while still being affordable.

The construction of Lakewood began in 1949 with the first homes being sold in 1950. The original plan was to build 17,500 homes on a former dairy farm that had been turned into a airfield during World War II. However, the demand for housing grew quickly and the development expanded to include 25,000 homes. The homes were affordable and could be purchased through Federal Housing Administration financing. This allowed many families to own their first home, which previously was only a dream.

Lakewood was known as “Tomorrow’s City Today” because the city included numerous modern and innovative features that other cities did not have at that time. Some of these features included underground utilities, landscaped medians on streets, parks and safety zones around schools and playgrounds. A system of culverts and pumps were built to direct run-off water into reservoirs for future use. Chain even created white picket fences a mandatory requirement for all homes, adding to the aesthetic beauty of the community.

Lakewood quickly became one of the most iconic suburbs in America. In fact, it was so successful that it became known as the “Nation’s Instant City,” attracting national attention from major news organizations such as TIME magazine.

Today Lakewood is a bustling city with more than 85,000 residents. It has remained committed to Morris Chain’s original desire for high-quality amenities and services. Community parks and events are still a big part of Lakewood’s culture. There are a total of ten community parks in Lakewood, including Mayfair Park and Bloomfield Park, which offer outdoor spaces for a variety of recreational activities like basketball, softball, soccer, and tennis. There are also community classes and events offered at various locations throughout the city, such as the Lakewood Center Mall, the Lakewood Sheriff’s station, and the Civic Center Plaza.

Lakewood also has a strong commitment to education and the safety of residents. The city is served by the Long Beach Unified School District, which includes sixteen schools in Lakewood alone. The city’s police department works closely with the community to ensure that residents feel secure. Lakewood has received numerous awards for its focus on safety, with some of the lowest crime rates in Los Angeles County.

Lakewood has transformed significantly since its founding but still retains its charming character due to its history and suburban culture. Whether you are looking for an affordable home, great schools, or a tight-knit community to live in, Lakewood continues to be an excellent option that offers high-quality living.

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