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About Jurupa Valley

Jurupa Valley, California is a small city located in the western part of Riverside County. The area was originally inhabited by the Serrano and Tongva tribes, who used the land for hunting and gathering. In the 1770s, Spanish colonizers arrived in the area and established a mission in nearby San Gabriel.

During the 19th century, Jurupa Valley became a popular destination for miners seeking gold and other precious metals. The agricultural industry also took root in the area, with citrus groves becoming a prominent feature of the local economy.

In 1956, Jurupa Valley was officially incorporated as a city, and over the next several decades it experienced significant growth. Development of residential areas and commercial centers brought many new residents to the area.

Today, Jurupa Valley is home to more than 100,000 people. While the city retains its historical charm, it has also become a modern hub for businesses and industry. Many manufacturing facilities and logistics centers are located in Jurupa Valley, due to its proximity to major transportation infrastructure such as highways and railways.

For residents, there is no shortage of things to do in Jurupa Valley. The city is home to several parks and recreational areas, including Rancho Jurupa Regional Park and Louis Robidoux Nature Center. There are also several shopping centers and restaurants that offer a range of dining options.

One of the most noteworthy attractions in Jurupa Valley is the Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery. Established in 1845, this historic cemetery contains the graves of many early settlers and pioneers who helped shape the region’s history.

Overall, Jurupa Valley is a vibrant community with deep roots in California history. Its blend of modern amenities and traditional charm makes it an ideal place to live or visit. Whether you’re interested in exploring local history or enjoying outdoor recreation, there’s something for everyone in this bustling city.

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