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About Fullerton

Fullerton, California is a city located in northern Orange County in California, United States. It was founded in 1887 and was named after George H. Fullerton, who donated the land for the Santa Fe Railroad Depot.

Early settlement in Fullerton was largely driven by agriculture, primarily citrus fruits. The city’s fertile soil and mild climate made it ideal for farming. In the early 20th century, the region experienced a population boom as new residents moved in search of work. During this time, the city’s economy diversified and began to focus on manufacturing and oil production.

The Maude M. Bausman House, built in 1905 is one of the oldest remaining homes in Fullerton. The Filippi’s Pizza Grotto, also known as Chef Filippi’s Pizza Grotto, opened in 1950 and is still operational today.

Fullerton is home to several cultural institutions such as the Fullerton Museum Center which offers exhibitions, tours and educational programs about the history and art of the region. Cal State University Fullerton is one of the nation’s top public universities with more than 40,000 students attending annually.

Modern life in Fullerton has evolved to become a vibrant community that offers a variety of entertainment, dining and recreational options for its residents. Downtown Fullerton is home to many popular bars and restaurants as well as an extensive shopping district. The annual Fullerton Farmers Market provides fresh produce and other local goods throughout the year.

The city has transformed into an active lifestyle hub with numerous parks and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation such as fishing at Laguna Lake Park or hiking at Fullerton Loop Trail.

Fullerton is known for its excellent public education system which includes elementary, middle and high schools. Higher education institutions include Cal State Fullerton and Fullerton College.

Fullerton has also taken measures to become environmentally friendly through its recycling program that encourages residents to recycle properly.

In conclusion, Fullerton’s diverse history and modern amenities make it an ideal place to live and visit. With a thriving cultural scene, educational opportunities and a strong economy, Fullerton is a vibrant community with plenty of opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

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