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Maryvale, located in the western part of Phoenix, Arizona, is an iconic neighborhood that boasts a rich history that dates back to the 1950s. Initially, the area was dominated by cotton fields, and it wasn’t until 1955 that the American Housing Guild began building homes in the area.

Within six years, more than 3000 houses had been built in Maryvale, marking a major milestone for the city of Phoenix at the time. The growth and development of Maryvale brought together different communities from all over the country, including Mexican-Americans, African-Americans, and Native Americans, among others.

Over time, Maryvale transformed into a bustling neighborhood with various amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, and cinemas. However, like many other parts of Phoenix, Maryvale was hit hard by the economic downturn of the late 2000s. Many businesses shut down and crime rates soared.

Despite these challenges, Maryvale has managed to regain its footing and slowly but surely become a great living destination for various individuals and families seeking affordability and access to modern amenities.

Currently, Maryvale is made up of over 70 thousand residents spread out across ten square miles. It features several sections including central Maryvale, Desert Sky Mall area, and Villa de Paz Golf Course area.

Residents of Maryvale enjoy a range of different advantages such as excellent weather year-round, active community organizations promoting education as well as the development of businesses, affordable housing options across various property types ranging from apartments and rental homes to single-family homes.

Additionally, Maryvale includes several areas for outdoor recreation such as golf courses and parks including Marivue Park which encompasses 31 acres and features soccer fields and basketball courts.

Also appealing to residents are the several reports detailing the high-performing public schools situated in this part of Phoenix. According to multiple publications highlighting educational institutions based on academic performance and quality of education amongst others, several schools located in Maryvale have consistently performed at a high level.

In conclusion, Maryvale was once known for its cotton fields; now, it is a vibrant neighborhood steeped in history with modern amenities and is family-friendly. It’s a great affordable place to live in Phoenix, Arizona.

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